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@BrujoBehindBars | Spell Stickers | #BrujoBehindBars | Money Mamas | Santa Muerte

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This formula Is crafted for money magick as it also honors the green energy of Santa Muerte. Her green form honors prosperity, luck, and abundance. It is a fertile way to receive blessings in finance & material gains. It attracts the vibrations of comfort and care through abundance in prosperous forms. Use to amplify the ability to manifest material forms of prosperity & receive blessings. These beautiful monies Spell stickers are adorned with a money mantra. 

These beautiful Santa Muerte Money Mamas stickers were created by our innocently incarcerated content creator @AngeloMalforms behind the wall as of a maximum security prison where they have been innocently incarcerated for the past 16 years, since they were 16 years old. Angelo is a 30-year-old artist alchemist musician and student of the occult. These stickers were created from drawings that they would send us through the mail. We are both hard-core Devotie‘s to Santa Muerte and are creating this line of stickers to help us raise money for Angelo‘s commissary which would include art supplies for him to continue to do oracle paintings and taro readings that he does to support his family and to also support himself while inside. The funds from these stickers go towards his safe sealed food , art supplies, disinfectant, soap, supplements and to be able to sustainably live without eating  off of the food trays that are given inside the prison because they have been a major source of spreading COVID-19. Angelo has already had Covid 19 once and she has a severely compromised immune system from an auto immune disorder and of course because of  almost 2 decades of incarceration in one of the worst places on earth. Thank you so much to anyone who supports us by buying these stickers. Angelo mentions every time anyone engages with us and their work they feel for the first time like that they actually exist because for so long they have felt completely invisible to the world and have existed inside a space the size of most peoples bathrooms for almost half of their entire existence. Your support of their artwork and of our shop makes them feel like they have a real future. Thank you so much to everyone who comes through and purchases some of these rad stickers!

Each one measures “3.6 x 3.2 inches and is in the style of Holographic Glitter. Material is vinyl.