7 Herb Bruj@ Bath | Gimme Dat Money | Money Manifesto

7 Herb Bruj@ Bath | Gimme Dat Money | Money Manifesto

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Our 7 herb baths are ritually crafted blends of programmed botanicals that have been concocted for a variety of magical purposes. These beautiful blends mix with the element of water to create a sacred solution for you to use in your bath magick rituals or as an amplifier wash for your floors, doorways and to empower your ritual tools of all kinds.

Gimme dat money is a blend of botanicals crafted to draw in strong manifestation properties and the energies of financial prosperity. Concocted as a magnet for the drawing in the energies of money. success, and payment. We call upon botanical ancestors such as chamomile, allspice & basil to assist us in manifesting our spiritual goals & physical desires. 


"May we be lucky in all of our ventures rooted in truth & allow myself to become a magnet for the prosperous paper that is no doubt headed my way."

Detailed Instruction sheet included.
Enough for 2 baths/washes.