April 16th 2019 | Community tarot reading | by @firmearte

4/16 Community tarot reading | by @firmearte
9 Of Cups
Abundance is the name of the game today, the card shows our cups overflowing with abundance so heavily that we are sharing that abundance with other lifeforms and forces like the plant energy pictured. Indulge in the luxurious things life is bringing your way, it’s pretty cool how spirit has kept the theme of gratitude over these last couple weeks in these readings, and honestly it’s such a dope reminded to be grateful for what we have in this moment, things may seem brighter & more vibrant in the next few days, Spring has sprung and so has the abundant energetic Output the new plant growth brings. Show gratitude for the elemental Earth, Air, Fire & Water spirits that exist all around us. Spend some time outside or in dirt, remind yourself you are a extension of the earth just as the plant spirits are. Ground your energy into the earth, even if you just put your hands in some porting soil or stare at some trees remember that you are entitled to the grounding force the earth brings. The color Brown grounds & the color green illuminates. Abundance doesn’t have to be in money form.

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