April 12-14th | Community reading | by @firmearte

4/12 - 14 Community reading by @firmearte
9 of cups
So here we are a few days in to some pretty transformational readings involving our relationship with success and creativity through new ventures and the energies of road opening. The nine of cups is a friendly reminder to check yourself and show gratitude to the energetic & elemental forces that are moving these “mountains” for your success. Gratitude is one fucking powerful emotion and gesture. Gratitude to Angels, ancestors guides and guardians that are all conspiring on your come ups. If you’ve seen growth this week in ways that seem more abundant than most hold space that’s physical or energetically/in your mind to honor those forces by giving ofrendas/offerings in their honor. If you know who your spirits are And of course offer up things that they love, if the spirits you find yourself working with are more ancestral then do your best to honor the things that they enjoyed and if you’re unsure of the specifics of your spiritual team then offer up what you were called to. Always go with what feels right with you when it comes to magic. Another way to show up for yourself and spirits is to try your best to live your life unapologetically with laughter, truth and coraźon. This weekend Indulge in the fruits this world has to offer, luxuriousness is here with this Jupiter Zaddy energy that’s really affecting a lot of us at this moment. Yes you are worth of these come ups. Life is bringing some bomb ass blessings forward. Do your best to not block them with negativity about these future endeavors. You got this. Now celebrate those victories no matter how small or mundane they may seem to you. I am proud of you.

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