• Image of Bewitching Babe (Self Celebration) Bruj@ Bath Brew

Our Bruj@ Bath Brews are a magickal concoction of botanical infused oils, colors, elements and energies all packed together to turn any ordinary bath experience into real magick

 This limited edition brew was created to honor the energies of the witching hour and the bewitching babes who find solace in the bizzare company of the occult.

 The scent is a combination of sweet dark spices blended with intoxicating smokey dark patchouli and deep rooted violet. Bottom notes of Mexican cinnamon, cedarwood and clove.

Cinnamon and cloves have been used for centuries to provide energies of protection.

Grab your crystals, light some candles, put on some tunes and fill your bath cauldron with warm water, drop in the bruj@ bath brew in and enjoy.



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