• Image of LA PATRONA (Goddess Energy) Soy Wax Spell Votive
  • Image of LA PATRONA (Goddess Energy) Soy Wax Spell Votive

Our mano made spell candles contain real botanicals and oils that correspond with a variety of mystical purposes. We combination of color, herb, number, music, and crystal magick to craft each one with love and intent.

These Innovative candles were inspired by the strong yet loving energy of the goddess and the incredible energies of the Rose Botanical. In my practice I always associate the two. These candles are to empower anyone in need of a little TLC. Made with elements such as cleansed/programmed rose quartz crystal to bring about loving energies and keep focus on the intent you desire. Also attached is a ritual style incense that has been made to correspond with the honoring of the rose bush.

Love, Purification, Light energy, comfort, divine energy, personal growth.

You will receive 1 votive candle.
100% soy wax (unscented)

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