• Image of In the forest ritual wax 2oz
  • Image of In the forest ritual wax 2oz

These original Ritual Wax melts are made with 100% pure soy wax and are handcrafted with freshly dried herbs and charged crystals that all correspond with drawing in prosperous energies. Contains a strong earth magick energy that can be used for protection along with money magick.

We use a blend of number, color, scent, herb and crystal magick to make each one. Contains a real Pyrite mineral/crystal that has been charged and programmed.

Each ritual wax melt is inspired by the magick that is music and the amazing artists and songs that hold a dear place in my corazón.

Each one contains 2oz of highly fragranced ritual wax.

Inspired by the song "In The Forrest by Screaming Trees"

SCENT: Wet pacific northwest foliage. Bright, rustic and comforting.

Listing is for one 2oz sized wax shot.

All ritual wax is made in VERY small batches and many are while supplies last. I have a great time coming up with all of these combinations for you guys and can't promise that they will always be in stock so make sure to grab them while you can!

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