• Image of Hey Beautiful (Self Confidence) Herbal Beverage Brew
  • Image of Hey Beautiful (Self Confidence) Herbal Beverage Brew

Our magickal beverage brews (Herbal Teas) are hand crafted with the highest quality herbs, berries and dried fruits and made with love.

0.7 oz packet

This drinkable brew is a combination of botanicals that have been blended to inspire self confidence. I always come across amazing babes who absolutely inspire me and its always a bummer to see how down on themselves they can be despite their beauty in all aspects of their life. This blend helps up get in touch with the realization that you are one beautiful bad ass bruj@ with a ton to offer this universe.

This brew contains notes of whole jasmine buds, pink & red roses, flavorful hibiscus flower petals & the goddess energy herb calendula.

For hot tea boil water & add
1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons to your desired
steep method.
for iced tea,
just double the amount and dilute
over ice.

* BABES! Please do your research before consuming any herbs to make sure they work for you. Firme Arte Online is not responsible for the misuse of our products.

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