• Image of GIMME DAT MONEY (Prosperity) Bruj@ Bath Brew™

Our Bruj@ Bath Brews are a magickal concoction of botanical infused oils, colors, elements and energies all packed together to turn any ordinary bath experience into real magick.


Our Gimme Dat Money Bruj@ Bath Brew is a botanical infused creation containing the herbal vibrations of prosperity and money.

Mano made with a spell oil infused with botanicals such as orange peel, patchouli and mint all of which have been used for centuries in the manifestation of prosperous energies of all kinds, specifically holding strong energies of drawing in financial prosperity.

Made with soothing chamomile and comforting cinnamon which both have been used to honor the energies of success and triumph over ones goals.

SCENT: Wet pacific northwest foliage. Bright, rustic and comforting. Amber notes mix with essential oils of sage, lavender, and orange

 Grab your crystals, light some candles, put on some tunes and fill your bath cauldron with warm water, drop in the bruj@ bath brew in and enjoy.


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