• Image of Como La Flor Crystal Companion Bodega Candle

Our mano made UNSCENTED crystal bodega candles contain real botanicals, oils and minerals that correspond with a variety of mystical purposes. We combination of color, herb, number, music, and crystal magick to craft each one with love and intent.


Crafted with a blend of herbs and a real universal quartz crystal point to draw in the energies of love. Use when needing to attract things in your life. Love magick isn’t defined only by romantic love but can be translated into self love, the love for life or even the to draw in the
love of a family unit.

Adorned with a real pointed quartz crystal that can be carefully removed after your candle has burned down and used as a totem to represent the spell work you have completed.

You will receive one 8oz candle in a reusable glass jar decorated with original artwork by Firme Arte.


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