• Image of CLAIRVOYANCE (3rd ojo woke) Bruj@ Bath Brew

Our Bruj@ Bath Brews are a magickal concoction of botanical infused oils, colors, elements and energies all packed together to turn any ordinary bath experience into real magick.


Inspired by the song "Clairvoyance" By Screaming Trees.

This brew contains our own special oil blend that is infused with herbs, sacred earth salts, crystals and energies that all correspond with the opening of the 3rd eye and psychic powers.

We combined Eucalyptus with floral notes of lilac & lavender essential oil with woodsy sweet notes of sugared vanilla & musk to give you a sensual way to open your 3rd ojo and see the future.

Grab your crystals, light some candles, put on some tunes and Fill your bath cauldron with warm water, drop in the bruja bath brew in and enjoy.


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