• Image of Battle Of Evermore Bruj@ Bath Brew

Our Bruj@ Bath Brews are a magickal concoction of botanical infused oils, colors, elements and energies all packed together to turn any ordinary bath experience into real magick.


Inspired by the song Battle Of Evermore by Led Zeppelin
Dragon’s Blood, Sea Salt and brimstone blend together to
increase ones vibration and call upon epic energies of
protection and power. Dragon’s Blood has been
used for ages to remove hex’s and to rid self
space of negativity/evil. Crafted with the
energies of Fantasy & Strength. You are a
powerful wizard babe.

Scented with a smokey musk blended with sacred Dragons Blood & Brimstone and topped with an actual protection salt crafted from Mediterranean Dead Sea Salt Crystals to add to it's properties of


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